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How to get free likes on Instagram


Before you start the fight for likes, evaluate soberly and unbiasedly the publication you plan to promote.  She should attract attention, surprise, delight, delight, hurt feelings.  Then you don’t have to resort to mass-liking and other tricks.

It’s very simple to answer how to get free 50 instagram likes without cheating — publish high quality content.  Such that people themselves want to give you a heart.  However, following this advice is not easy.  Billions of photos and videos add to the network every day.  It’s hard not to get lost in such a stream.  But there are some rules and tricks to keep you afloat.

Let’s talk about how to get likes on Instagram without cheating, working independently:

  • Define a topic to focus on your account. Nowadays “personal diaries” are not popular: how you got up, what you ate, where you went and so on.  Only the stars can do this, their fans are interested in every step of the idol.  And they want to get something useful from ordinary users.  For example, weight loss is an evergreen trend.  If you put “I weigh 98 kg, I want to — 55” in the profile description and every day honestly talk about your successes and failures along the way, you will surely get fans, and along with them, likes;
  • Post only cool photos and videos, if you don’t know how to shoot, study the question. There are many materials on this topic on the Internet, we will also give a few tips below;
  • Work on texts. The user, without opening the publication, sees only the first three lines.  Put maximum meaning and emotion into them.  Be sure to put hashtags and geolocation.  We will tell you more about the role they play;
  • Engage in self-promotion. Give a link to your account and individual publications in other social networks, link Instagram and Facebook profiles and publish posts at the same time.  Post links on forums and in comments on other people’s pages.  Make friends with other Instagrammers and exchange posts — mutual PR is a good promotion tool, for this there are special groups (publics);
  • Do not hesitate, directly contact your viewers with a request to like it, it does not always work, but even a few hearts is already something.

If you want to know how to quickly get likes on Instagram and get a lot of them, you will have to invest a small amount in this business.  You can order advertising in a promoted profile.  Or, nevertheless, turn to professional assistants — services that specialize in promotion in social networks, SMM services (SMM).  They can tweak the counter slightly, gently, without overshooting and safely.  You will be surprised, but even accounts with a whole army of subscribers have used such services at least once.

The promotion service on Instagram is now in great demand.  Because of this, unfortunately, you can run into unscrupulous or inept performers and even scammers.  Follow our recommendations to find a worthy partner and not waste your money in vain.

  • Compare prices and conditions. On a professional site, the price list is open.  The cost for likes of different quality is different;
  • Read customer responses, look for them on thematic forums, in group discussions, review sites;
  • Find out how you are offered to pay for your order. There should be several options and through reliable payment systems;
  • Study the site, pay attention to whether there is a section with guarantees, whether the rules are indicated;
  • Find out if registration is needed, personal data, if required — there is a reason to be wary, there is enough information about the object to cheat;
  • Check how the support service works, ask a question to ensure the efficiency and adequacy of the staff;
  • Make sure the service can work with the minimum order, this will help you test the service.

If the service meets all the criteria, wind up a small amount of likes there.  It is inexpensive.  Perhaps it will be enough for you, or after the test, continue mutually beneficial cooperation.